Ari is a correct built well structured dog of medium size with firm bodylines and excellent bone. His head is masculine and well proportioned. The movements are powerful, free and straightforward. His fur is short and dense. It is of medium grey color, the eyes are of a brightly green and the nose is dark colored.

In all hunting disciplines Ari is showing outstanding abilities and performances. This is confirmed by the results of all hunting tests he passed at the side of an amateur dog handler. Ari loves working for and with his human and does every task absolutely faithful and reliable.

He knows how to use his excellent nose in every situation. In the field he shows a wide and fast search always in contact to his leader and is convincing with great pointing manners. Also at the water he is working persistently, searching and retrieving every duck. Against predator game Ari possesses a naturally hardness without showing compromises.

During hunting and everyday’s life Ari is a pleasant companion. His general resilience and social tolerance is high. He is a very friendly dog and adapts his naturally alertness well to every situation. Visitors are always welcome. Also with children, elderly or handicapped people Ari is doing fine and even feels safely in crowds.

Within this hunting season Ari will get further opportunities to apply his excellent abilities during hunting practice. For next year the priorities will be set particularly on blood tracking and passing the VGP.